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About Us 

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FULORA FOUNDATION is one of the Mumbai's largest private relief and development organization. Founded in 1984 and registered as a Public Charitable Trust in the 1996 after the detailed study for almost 12 years by eminent educationist & Late Prof. Ram Joshi, ex vice-chancellor of Mumbai University.
FULORA FOUNDATION has become a leader in sustainable development and emergency aid, reaching tens of millions of people each year in more than 60 places in Maharashtra and Gujarat. For more than 22 years now, FULORA FOUNDATION has been a vehicle of Mumbai’s generosity towards the Society.
FULORA FOUNDATION focuses its approach at the family and community levels. We believe that each & every child should enjoy a basic level of livelihood security. This means that every child should have:
Health care
A place to live
A safe and healthy environment
The ability to participate in decisions affecting their life, community and country.
FULORA FOUNDATION's programs seek to help poor children, Orphans & Youth obtain this security.
FULORA FOUNDATION seeks a world of tolerance & social justice, where people have overcome poverty, live in dignity and security.



Each year, around the Maharashtra and all across India, FULORA FOUNDATION provides hope and opportunity to tens of millions of men, women and children.

Excellence in Action

FULORA FOUNDATION looks at the big picture of poverty and combines approaches to attack not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes as well. This holistic approach results in diverse and innovative solutions, including programs that build capacities of local organizations that advance girls' education and equity for women, that promote land mine safety and conflict resolution and that integrate human rights concerns with humanitarian assistance.

Global Reach

FULORA FOUNDATION is one of the largest private relief and development organizations in the Western India. Together with our partners from hundreds of local organizations, we have the skills and organizational reach to make a significant impact on poverty.

Efficiency and Accountability

More than 90 percent of FULORA FOUNDATION’s expended resources support program activities. Less than 10 percent of expended resources support administrative and fundraising expenditures. We conform to the highest accounting and financial standards.

Credibility and Experience

Fulora Foundation has more than 7 years of experience working with poor families and communities. Every one has endorsed our work. The Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the M.S.R.D.C., M.S.R.T.C., G.S.R.T.C., NAGPUR – NASHIK-PUNE MUN. Corporations, Govt. of Maharashtra and Gujarat often turn to FULORA FOUNDATION to implement programs.


FULORA FOUNDATION’s long and wide-ranging experience means that we can respond quickly and effectively to a full range of situations, from providing lifesaving emergency relief, to rehabilitation in the wake of disaster, to support for longterm development.


FULORA FOUNDATION has the national stature and public support to help influence policy decisions in the State. Our on-the-ground experience and independence lend us nonpartisan credibility and respect. We use these, very selectively, to advocate in favor of policies that will help foster development, peace and justice.

Our Promise

Your support to FULORA FOUNDATION is a critical catalyst to worldwide programs that provide relief and alleviate poverty. In carrying out this work, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of respect, integrity, commitment and excellence.

Lasting Results

FULORA Foundation’s programs are based on partnerships emphasizing community participation and capacity building, both factors that have proven critical to local ownership and sustainability. FULORA FOUNDATION programs leave a lasting legacy in human and social capital.

Fulora Foundation Registration Deatils

Fulora Foundation Public Charitable Trust Registration No.: E-16342 (Mumbai)

12 A Registration No.: TR / 33208


80G Registration No. : DIT(E)/MC/80G/1063/2011-12 dt.21/10/2011

FCRN Reg. No. 083781392 dt. 26/10/2013 (For foreign Donations)

Darpan – Niti Ayog Reg. No.: MH/2017/0163997